Wash Your Face at Night

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The Best Way to Wash Your Face at Night
Things You’ll Need:
• Skin cleanser
• Moisturizer
The first thing others notice about you is usually your face. Cleansing your face is a basic part of any beauty regimen, and it is easy and inexpensive to do. Learn how to keep your face healthy, youthful, glowing and blemish free
1. Step 1
Determine what type of skin you have. Is your skin dry, oily or is it both? Dry skin looks flaky, dull and whitish. Oily skin will shine shortly after you wash it. Many people have a T-shaped area on their noses and foreheads where their skin is oily, while their cheeks may be dry. While looking at your face closely, check your nose for blackheads.
2. Step 2
Research and gather face-cleaning products. Whatever your skin is like, there is a product that will help you take care of it. You’ll need a basic cleanser that you can use on your entire face. If you only have oily or dry skin, you can use your basic cleanser alone. If you have combination skin, you’ll want to use astringent on the oily parts, but a mild cleanser on your dry skin. Some products are designed for teens, others are designed for those who are trying to minimize wrinkles. Clip some coupons, or buy trial sizes, so that you can find a line of products that works for your skin.
3. Step 3
Moisturize. Unless your skin is very oily, it’s important to moisturize your face after you wash it. Moisturizer creates a protective barrier between your skin and pollution. Most moisturizers also contain sunscreen, which will help your skin remain youthful looking.
4. Step 4
Treat special concerns. Do you want to minimize your wrinkles, remove your mustache, firm around your eyes or get rid of blackheads? Reputable products can help you do all of the above. Pore strips help remove blackheads. Your skin can look glowing and healthy if you take the time to take care of it.
5. Step 5
Rinse and repeat. Make sure that you rinse your face completely after you wash it, or the products you have used will dry out your skin and/or clog your pores. Wash your face before you put on make-up, and every night before you go to bed.
Tips & Warnings
• If you struggle with chronic acne, or any other skin condition, it’s worthwhile to see a dermatologist.
• If you have sensitive skin, be careful if you’re using hair remover.