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Islamic Ring Stones

Aeqeeq Zarrad, Aqeeq e Yamini, Durre Najaf, Qandhari Yaqoot, Siyaah Aqeeq, Zircon Stone,

  • This stone name is aqeeq e yamani. It’s coming from Iran it’s color is red and this is suitable for all
  • Siyaah aqeeq .black aqeeq. It’s also coming  from Iran. This is hard stone u should  now  about this stone its suitable or not.
  • Qandhari yaqoot. This stone is very great stone.its called money stone also.it is coming from Afghanistan Iran. Kashmeer. Honkang .and afriqa.
  • Zircon stone. It’s very hard stone its like diamond but its very common. It’s have so many colors.
  • Aeqeeq zarrad. It’s also very hard stone. It’s have very amazing powers for the persons. It’s also coming Iran Iraq. Africa . Pakistan.
  • Durre Najaf (moon stone). This is very holy stone its coming from only Iraq. Najjaf e ashraaf. It’s very beautiful  stone. This stone is very help full increasing Money and respect.

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