About Us

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I am the founder of this project Ahmedpureast.com. I started this project a long time ago but could not get a good team, But now my hearty thanks to Almighty Allah, i am able to get friends doing some great work with me : Malik Younis Khaliq

This website Ahmedpureast Online was started in 01-01-2000 by an individual to satisfy his urge to promote the image of Ahmedpur East. As there was no information available on the internet about Ahmedpur East city so it was also the need of that time to put Ahmedpur East related information on the web so that Pakistanis and Locals, especially living abroad, who are away from their motherland for years and who still feel love of their soil in their hearts can know in which state is their city now a days.

This site was started very modestly with only a few pages and very simple layout. With time more material was added and layout was made better and more attractive. Our stress is on quality material that interests others and that gives information about the city, not on the exquisite and heavy layout and graphics.